Responsibilities: UIUX Prototype | Mobile & Watch App IT Services and IT Consulting

Apple Care UIUX


Design and develop functional app prototypes for Apple Care

Designers leveraged Apple's internal cutting-edge prototyping software tools and technologies to design and develop functional app prototypes for a highly confidential global project of Apple Care across different language systems.

We finalized functional iPhone and Apple Watch prototypes adhere to client’s design standards while effectively meeting different requirements, implement final imagery and iconography into pixel-perfect design.


‍UIUX Design
UX Prototyping
Digital Production DesignπŸ‘”πŸ”


Apple Prototype Software
adobe Photoshop


‍Jul - Sep 2023
3 Months

Prototype Implementation & QA Process

Facilitate the handoff of designs to be implemented by Development and Engineering Teams. Participate in QA process for design iterations and problem-solving.

Apple Watch VIsualizer update across languages

As digital production designers, we referred our 2023 system updates to the previous version of Apple Watch IOS app and watchOS across 4 languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, PortugueseBrazilian). The final functional prototypes followed the design standard of Apple's system, but with the latest version updates implemented.

Prototype design process

Apple Watch IOS App Prototypes (4 Languages)

Apple WatchOS Prototypes (4 Languages)

Apple IOS & WatchOS Pairing