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Imagined Selves AR Filter

The Concept

Our Extended Digital Identities

The starting point of this project was related to my personal habit of taking selfies with AR filters, so I was interested to explore in this particular field to create filters for myself as the targeted user, which will be a personal way of visualizing my dynamic inner-selves.

guiding questions

What do I want to explore with AR?

I am interested in creating AR filters that reshape our digital identity in a positive way & represent our physical selves in the virtual.

I want to see what positive impact AR filters can bring to people’s mentality as well as to the virtual ecosystem?

I will design a collection of virtual persona try-ons using AR filters. To offer alternative possibilities of self-imagination through a futuristic and surreal lens, like a digital looking glass to an alternative reality on the other side of the screen.

research & Positioning

To understanding the big picture of using AR technology on social media, I researched the current trends of AR filters on the market and non-digital artists expressing themselves with facial decorations, which helped me to better position my project with a clearer goal of what do I want to achieve.

What did I find out?

AR face filters allow users to try on a variety of possible selves. personality / feelings / imagination of self identity. This project is about a feeling of autonomy over our own image. There absolutely is a craving for a post-humanity and exploring the Metaverse / Web 3.0.


FInal AR Filter Collection

Expressing My Inner-selves in AR

According to my own aesthetic & fantasy & experiences, I created a collection of filters to express my “imagined-self', using it as a storytelling medium. Imagining in a cyber environment that has no restriction, what I visualize myself to be.

The filters don’t alter the face, since I only attach 3d elements to the face for myself to experience new identities. I want to focus on the  positive demonstration of AR filters.