Responsibilities: Mobile App | UX | UI Personal project

HOMEY Housing App


The Ultimate Housing App

HOMEY is a housing app that aims to provide reliable housing sources and help New Yorkers find desirable roommates in an effective way.

The idea is built on the context that most of students and young professionals often experience difficulties in finding housing and roommates in the city due to unfamiliarity or lack of time.

HOMEY aims to provide a safe and efficient housing platform that will lead to high quality living experience for all New Yorkers.


‍UX Research
ux / UI designπŸ‘”πŸ”


adobe after effects


‍OCT - NOV 2022
4 weeks

High Fidelity Display

problem space

Finding affordable living spaces in NYC is hard for young people, how can we make this better?

Market research

Competitors Research

In order to understand rental market in US, we conduct a competitors research to better understand our direct and indirect competitors. Β We summarize competitor’s strength & weakness.

Competitive Analysis

We researched multiple housing platforms in the market to better understand the positioning of our product and what we want to address for our target users.

User Research

We conducted interviews with potential users to better understand the behavior of users finding apartment and roommates in NYC.

Target Users

After conducting qualitative user research, we envision our user to be

user persona

Building personas help us to identify the main pain points we want to solve in the MVP for our project.

With the persona identified, we are able to align on who we are designing for and whose needs we want to address first.

user journey map

To better understand our user’s needs, we want to comprehend their feelings throughout their experience.

User journey mapping ensures us to provide the right solutions to improve their experience of finding housing and roommates in nyc.

reDefine HMWπŸ’Ž

Design Opportunities

After rounds of research, we defined the pain points that we try to solve and came up with possible solutions.


Before landing on our design solutions, we did brainstorming and drew storyboards for scenarios of connecting with a roommate and exploring nyc regions for further room tours.

User Flow Chart


UI System

MVP design solution

Next Steps

reflection / iteration