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Changing Room Fashion Platform

‍company visionπŸ“–

The second hand fashion search for sustainable alternatives

Changing Room is a B2C SaaS fashion marketplace that helps people find relevant and personalized second-hand items.

Our mission is to reduce the environmental footprint of fashion lovers’ by helping them explore more sustainable alternatives.Β 

We partner with online and offline second-hand resellers who share our vision for driving a positive change within the fashion industry.


‍UX Research
ux design
UI Design
User testingπŸ‘”πŸ”


Adobe creative suite


‍Feb - July 2023
6 months

‍the Design goal❓

The MVP Website for BETA Launch 2023

As the founding UI/UX designer of the fashion search platform, I partnered with product manager and developer at Changing Room to launch the product in just 6 months. The final website features a universal space for fashion lovers to search for sustainable alternatives, browse influencer wardrobes, and unique finds at local vintage stores.

‍The design solutionπŸ‘”πŸ”

‍So what is the problem?πŸ‘”πŸ”

As We All Know...

‍What is our opportunity?

Research Findings on Secondhand

From our research, the Secondhand market continues to grow and our users care about sustainable shopping that they are willing to change their habits for the better environment.

‍Competitive analysisπŸ‘”πŸ”

Research insights on current secondhand platforms

Before diving into the design process, I did a round of competitive analysis to learn the current secondhand fashion sites: what they are doing well or not well, and what features that they are lacking.
In sum, I learned that the secondhand online fashion market is lacking a platform with curated items but also values the community. So this is what we try to improve for the later design implications.

Define HMWπŸ’Ž

How might we create a secondhand market place that engages our users Β with the sustainable fashion community & is easier to navigate?

Design ImplicationsπŸ§‘πŸ§‘

MVP User FlowπŸ’Ž


Testing & IterationsπŸ§‘πŸ§‘

‍Final Design MVPs

User Signup / Login

User Signup

User Login

We incorporated a Value Proposition section on our Landing Page which includes the CTA for Signup / Login, and helps our users to better understand our mission.

Influencer Wardrobe

From our research, we learnt that our users find curated content from influencers engaging in which the fashion search experience becomes more efficient and informative.

Search / Preview Function

The search filters get our users to their desired items faster and the automatic search tags makes their search flexible and trackable with the alert function.

The Item Preview design includes important information our users need for secondhand shopping, such as Product Condition, Details, Shipping & Return.

They can also browse more related items and go back to their search history. The redirection page will take users to the original site.

Unique Finds

We want to better bridge the secondhand community from offline to online, so we designed the Unique Finds / Store Highlights to showcase the goods from our collaborated thrift stores here in New York.

The shopping experience will be the same with our Preview page, but will be redirected to the store's item page. Users can also browse other items within the store below.

Wishlist Share Function

Our Wishlist allows users to create their own themed collections for better curation, and we added the sharing function for enhanced social function.

AI Stylist

As AI start to be commonly used in our daily life, based on more user insights, we decided to add AI Stylist as the smart assistant to aid our users for more accurate suggestions and smart search.

We are still working on the AI function User Flow for a more polished user experience in the future!

‍Mobile Design MVPs

User Signup / Login

Influencer Wardrobe

Wishlist Share

Filtered Search

‍UI System

‍Reflection & Future Steps❓

This was my first end-to-end / fully in charge UX project, also the first launched project as founding UIUX Designer! :)

It was definitely a great experience for me to comprehensively practice my research and user-centered interaction design skills! Through the process, I not only had opportunities to practice my user research and testing skills on real-life product, but also to collaborate with engineer and PM to deliver the product as a team.

Stay tuned on our further updates & iterations! >>

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