Responsibilities: Creative Direction | Event Curation Startup Project

Fashion Showroom

ABout Dundun international

The nyc fashion consultancy's Incubator project

Dundu.n International Consultancy ( is a B2B NYC-based agency promoting emerging fashion brands. It focuses on facilitating community building and empowering emerging designers through brick-and-mortar activations.

The information era presents new challenges for brands to stand out, so the incubator plan conveys the ethos and image of emerging brands to industry professionals as well as consumers, helping brands grow their social presence and cultural currency rapidly in a short period of time.

NYFW Pop-Up Showroom

The immersive pop-up in Soho featured well curated handcrafted fashion and jewelry designers. It brings a one-of-a-kind shopping experience at an immersive setting with physical installations and digital projections.

Branding Posters

3D Motion Poster

showroom visual system

NYFW24 Posters

AR Filter & Projection installation

We designed these filters to let people interact with on social media.
The projection made by TouchDesigner is interactive in physical exhibition space.