Responsibilities: Product | UI Design Personal Project

Digital Art Marketplace App

The DEsign Brief

Bring evolution to the NFT marketplace

The client is a new up and coming startup with the goal of revolutionizing the NFT marketplace business with a design-first approach and a deeply curated experience for the users.

The project is to establish visual language of this new NFT marketplace app that will bring new blood to the digital art scene.

The deliverables are a visual system for the client, fully designed flow in High Fidelity, UI library, and functional Figma prototype.


‍High Fidelity UI Design
Visual Branding


Adobe CC


‍SEP 2022
3 weeks

‍the Objective❓

Lock a visual aesthetic and then scale the design on multiple screens, based on the wireframes and the user flow that is provided by the client. Build a UI Library of the final UI and create a funciontal prototype.

‍the Target Audience❓

Digital art enthusiasts & Tech Savvy

The audience of this project is who are embracing and following the world of NFT and digital art. Mainly tech savvy people who know their way online and in the world of crypto and NFT, with a strong sense for visual aesthetic and art, they value curated and beautiful experiences as much as they do with the digital art that they create, buy and/or sell.

‍Process overviewπŸ‘”πŸ”

‍High Fidelity UI DesignπŸ‘”πŸ”

UI Development Process

Before landing on visual directions, I did research and moodboards for the two visual styles I had in mind. Then, I created various designs to explore the possibilities for each direction.

UI Library

I designed the app with two UI systems that users can switch in a day, from Daytime Mode to Night Mode. Therefore, my UI library will contain two color systems.

Final UI System & HIFI Prototype